Friday, October 30, 2009


-after Paul Chan

There are things we lose
We meant to have lost

Like a first remove the
Strikeout of these letters

These bodies in wartime
We can not be them

Voting with our tongues and
Moreover our dollars doing

The things we wouldn't dare
Poetry what's left of

Poetry must be an indict-
ment of war and people's

Behavior during war and
Mainly the poet's behavior

During war because all
We have are words at

Our disposal and these
Bodies are not only

Disturbed they are not
Only blown to bits by

Language something feels
Us and this is not

Just a feeling this is
Not just an idea either.

-for Dottie

Our care for women
My wife I have been

Thinking about the
Violence committed every-

day against women
There is a point

I believe at which
Every man can no

Longer tolerate being
A "man" can no

Longer tolerate oc-
cupying this calcified

Subject position under-
standing how women

Struggle everyday with
Violence one doesn't

Always intend to
Be Feminist but this

Feeling for the body
At risk of being

Harmed of being
Annihilated or hum-

iliated is Feminist
This feeling for

The excuses we make
Cowardly and cruel.

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