Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vertov (on Obediance)

Because we are what we make we make what we are
Awl is to shoemaker as camera to man
Facts fall coincident a playing-soul in reality
Dreams of being a body while the body dreams of having a soul (Artaud)
Leader chases leader light records glass

The spaces in between Rovner's intensities
Multitudes moving in deformed organization her sublime
Time of leaves leaves we are such powers
Eyes dilate diaphrams across distance hear me my distances
This is just a stage sounding every name in history

Soul dreams and cradles flashing body mummified in actuality
Actual memories sensing still surfaces still sequences sensed
Momento mori leeward these waves sound sound
The thing itself sounding the thing to which it is homed
Going down lapped by tongue landless tongues notwithstanding

Because the impossible is of the possible because
The possible thinks impossibles plausible splices compose
Hands over glass hands lend editorial eyes to propositions
Like an angel he keeps falling to his psudonym all wound-up
Spinning Top we are this permission of waves history free me song as I am

That higher mathematics of facts in this obediance
Free me fell number going down wrapt by felt things
Actionable idea potentia prodigal bodies fold
Nature has an eye called percept and there is nowhere it doesn't see
We see with all the little ones every fact coincident at this shore

A content crushes the skull marks are audible
Displays scratched far away and we are the distance
Below and above is the work to be done
Sure of interval ponderables go in a charmed sense diving
Sense to sense divining sense to sense beheaded.