Thursday, May 03, 2012

Our Occupations... (at Harriet)

For National Poetry Month at Harriet I conducted a survey with the following prompt:

Something I am wondering about kind of broadly is how your practices might have changed since the beginning of the occupations, if we can mark this beginning in the fall of 2011 (the occupations obviously having their immediate precedent in the Middle East and Europe).

Do you think it may be possible to speak to this a bit? […] Succinctly, in a paragraph or two? Maybe it has had no perceivable effect, which is fine of course, and in which case you might talk about why it is important to maintain what you are doing parallel to (or beyond?) current social movements and political events.

Here are links to those who contributed to the survey:

Stephen Collis and Steve Benson
Brian Whitener and Richard Owens
Brian Ang and Ana Božičević
David Buuck
Suzanne Stein and Anna Vitale
Dan Thomas Glass and Lauren Levin
Anelise Chen
Lara Durback
Jeanine Webb
Jennifer Scappettone

Stay tuned for more!