Monday, May 28, 2012

5 Questions for Contemporary Practice with Melanie Gilligan (at Art21 blog)

"When I made Popular Unrest I suppose I opened up a Pandora’s Box by experimenting in creating non-individual subjects – i.e. I developed that film using acting workshops in which I asked the group of actors to work together to make up different aspects of a particular person or of an emotional state. I was trying to push for a breakdown of individual, separate characters and to see if I could depart from making the type of drama that is premised on this separation. I didn’t get all the way there by any means but I think I made some headway. But now with this new film the questions that arise from the premise are potentially more difficult to handle – e.g. what would feeling someone else’s feelings mean, and how do I as a filmmaker represent it? These questions are challenging but fascinating because thinking them through has implications beyond the construction of the film to broader inquiry pertaining to political solidarity and collectivity."
--Melanie Gilligan

David Brazil, Sara Larsen, and Robert Kocik at The Multifarious Array

The final event of the 2011/12 series is upon us...

All I want is to be in a band (at The Brooklyn Rail)

Thanks to Anselm Berrigan for printing (and posting) my long poem, "All I want is to be in a band," at The Brooklyn Rail this past month.

I just want to be in a band, man
And play anything ourselves out of here
Hear these tones like water stutters water
Like sunk ships suture the social or social
History was what we were immersed in
I hear your voice on the other side of disaster
What plays its way out of disaster
Just like it wanted to be, just like it wanted
To be in a band, convince us we are living
In a different future-past because the tones
The political economy of noise with its puncture
Of the present might wake/make a plinth
Through this struggle to be all-too-human
Come back from these feeling tones—
Assemblage, stutter, DJ function

Damn the Caesars: Crisis Inquiry (essay)

ed. Richard Owens



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Recent poetry, prose and lecture notes from Halpern | critical comments on Halpern by John Wilkinson, Thom Donovan, Kevin Killian, Brenda Iijima, Tyrone Williams, Samuel Vriezen, Kenneth Jacobs and Lee Spinks | bibliographic checklist of writing from and on Halpern.


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For Terry

When the sky is falling
And your baby is walking reluctantly

Who won’t stop talking
Until the sky is right again

Tex Mex is on you
Why doesn’t this water look right

Our videos are a commons
Cows bring on a welcome lethargy

When a town becomes you
When you stop wishing

When you step back from the video
What’s the angle

What’s relational
The grass for real and the video of the grass

Do not a public make
Who is a commons at the movies, at the video

Sings a song like it could become common
Waste was only the beginning now where will they put it

Stuff it up their asses
Neither Democrat or Republican

Light beer won’t overtake you
New Wave done as Honky Tonk

Love for the student is a virtue
Let the video lose control again

Stop the waste water Machiavellian
Fuck the filtration of what should be good

Capture the sky, put a little here
Who think about process their life becomes a process 

Against control
Let the video lose control again

Say goodnight like a shout out to the world
Sleep is your megaphone

All that is good little one
This shift from alarm to infancy.