Tuesday, October 02, 2007

We Are Always In the Midst of Eyes

~ for Jane and Brandon

All we ever wanted it seemed was a certain
Gentleness and care content to reason
Things out or hold the door and be absurd

Sometimes now that we’ve got that I wonder
What place of number multitudes houses
Or eyes look to reflect meshes these leaves

Rustling near in a city pastoral with no other
Object than to ramble every time we meet
Or danced I think of what you will be together.

Never was or will it be about
Love per se but a relation
Forces grant each other
As number obscure dances

With number there was always
A dance party where we were
As leaves also buttress leaves
Separately we spoke of embodied

Waters that won’t run out on us
Or what it makes or who makes it
Otherwise than what we were
Just this *pound of flesh* to be

Doled out by the universe
Truly it is love that replenishes
Overwhelms all other responsibilities
The dailiness of *you as you*

Of *me as me* the fact that we
Danced at all or found the time
For tears we can never retract
Their joy was subtlest.