Sunday, March 20, 2011

from All I Want is to be in a Band, Man (IX)

But I wanted to be in a band, really
And this being in a band (micro politics)
Free of coercion, modeling a world
Free of coercion, would be an exercise
In freedom—the assertion of language as
Freedom, maintained in the world’s total
Construction (still a soundtrack is wanting)
And this would be, the dialogism emergent
In the sampling of the DJ function (love spreads)
Parallel universes to this one (failed) commons
This poverty of how the commons was imagined
Triaxial (Braxton) would sound us to a new mode
Play us out of the fucking little games of power
(that have played us) – unthinkable corners
Of our sociality and affect and work
Kids waiting for it on almost any corner or cornfield
Know it absolutely ordinary, absolutely common
Evental only after the fact (like any uprising in social fact)