Saturday, August 18, 2012

Literal Blood in Colorado Review

The latest Colorado Review contains some poems I wrote after Paul Thek. Thanks to my friend Sasha Steensen and the other editors at CR for inviting me to contribute.

Poetry During OWS

The following feature contains original writing by 19 participants: Anne Boyer, Dana Ward, Anelise Chen, Brian Ang, Marie Buck, Stephanie Young, Lauren Levin, Brandon Brown, Kristin Prevallet, Josef Kaplan, Brian Whitener, Rob Halpern, Alli Warren, Jackqueline Frost, Michael Cross, Frank Sherlock, Thom Donovan, Susan Bernofsky, and David Brazil. The feature was edited and composed between September 2011 and April 2012, dates which correspond roughly to the first seven months of the Occupy movement. It was originally published in the Summer 2012 issue of the journal Rethinking Marxism.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dog Day Poetry Marathon Schedule

See you all there!

August 17th - 19th at Outpost 186.
186 ½ Hampshire St.
Inman Sq., Cambridge

Friday: 7:00 - 10:00pm
Saturday: 1:00 - 5:00pm & 7:00 - 10:00pm
Sunday: 1:00 - 4:00pm

7:00    John Mulrooney
7:08    Emily Spiegelman
7:16    Kythe Heller
7:24    Chuck Stebelton
7:32    Brenda Iijima
7:40    January O'Neil
7:48    Jordan Davis
8:06    Maria Damon
8:14    Anna Deeny
8:22    Ruth Lepson: Talk on Alberto de Lacerda
8:37    Guillermo Parra: Talk on Jose Antonio Ramos Sucre
9:02    Lori Lubeski
9:10    Dayana Fraile
9:18    Michael Carr
9:26    Rachel Sachs Steele
9:34    Janaka Stucky
9:42    Bridget Madden
9:50    Gilmore Tamny

1:00    Jim Behrle
1:08    Ben McFall
1:16    Susanna Gardner
1:24    Jenny Zhang
1:32    Cheryl Clark Vermeulen
1:40    Ish Klein
1:48    Hassen Saker
2:06    Aaron Tieger
2:14    Jess Mynes
2:22    Marcella Durand: Talk on translating Baudelaire & Proust poems
2:37    Zachary Bos: Talk on L.E. Sissman
3:02    Tracey McTague
3:10    G.L. Ford
3:18    Allen Bramhall
3:26    Patrick Doud
3:34    Mairead Byrne
3:42    Mark Lamoureux
3:50    Erica Kaufman
4:16    Brendan Lorber: Talk on Ruin & Desire
4:31    Nathaniel Otting: Talk on editing minutes BOOKS
4:46    Filip Marinovich: Talk on the Poetics of Initiation At Brooks School in North Andover
7:00    Susan Landers
7:08    Jen Benka
7:16    Carol Mirakove
7:24    Leopoldine Core
7:32    John Coletti
7:40    Dorothea Lasky
7:48    Eileen Myles
8:06    Jack Kimball: Talk on Don Quatrale, Rene Ricard & Billy Barnum
8:21    Ethan Fugate: Talk on Bike-Commute Photography Poetics 
8:36    Douglas Rothschild: Talk on how great he is
9:02    Karen Weiser
9:10    Simone White
9:18    Jessica Fiorini
9:26    Jacqueline Waters
9:34    Edmund Berrigan
9:42    Betsy Wheeler
9:50    Thom Donovan

1:00    Anthony Cuellar
1:08    Suzanne Mercury
1:16    Joel Sloman
1:24    James Cook
1:32    Farrah Field
1:40    Kimberly Lyons
1:48    Anna Moschovakis
2:06    Rachel Levitsky: Talk on the Office of Recuperative Strategies 
2:21    Jim Dunn: Talk on Harry Crosby
2:36    Carol Weston: Talk on Stephen Jonas
3:01    Aaron Kiely
3:09    Ryan Gallagher
3:17    David Rich
3:25    Amanda Cook
3:33    Sean Cole
3:41    Michael Franco
3:49    Gerrit Lansing

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The 90s

I awake to this apocalypse too
And Black Earth like the earth
Was dying into the 90s
Where I was born

So the dead awaken
I am this grave of empathy
Left over from wanting to live
So dying becomes a property of life again


Put the munis back in community
Wanting it is a sign of our alienation
Hurt today that I appeared (hurt)

These personal apocalypses and these collective apocalypses
Render an affect of high school
This inner light and that outer light
Of the 90s in high school

The sky went dark
The world went dark
And only then was there hope

In my 90s where cafe culture reached its peak
The 90s begins and ends inside the mouth
Indie rock begins in your mouth


It is a poem of friendship
I am dreaming the 90s before
I could remember anything
There were spaces we shared
The bodies we were eventually
To share not invented yet
There were certain reminders
We were still human forms
That we were not undead
Which sex do you identify with
When you see a vampire?

Sonnet 64

When I have seen the upper
Echelons of America
The rich proud cost unlikely to respond 
When sometime lofty towers
The recent war with
And brass of what Benjamin when
I have seen the reflection
Is an undertaking and the firm 
Soil almost heroically cleaved
And the Internet of debris
Ruin hath taught me so interestingly 
Circulating with telling intensity to win
The major companies
Their deeper allegorical significance.