Sunday, May 23, 2010

The interview format. What would it mean to interview a bird? The monitor positioned like a bird in the grass. And looking back at our camera looking. A delay in grass.

The frame of scientific objectivity contains a play on the possibility of an animal being an appropriate subject. Of losing the subject before we’ve begun. In the quotidian.

But there is an attempt. There is an attempt to praise the quotidian. From which history, albeit with a lower-case "h," follows.

Public space (and what occupies it, being co-constitutive) should not be taken for granted. It should be critically reflected/thought about and thus made.

On Time-capsules (Future Anterior)

Playing with assumptions about time/what waits for us in the future. The time-capsule as it appears in your work is the false expression of the future anterior because it is not what we will have wanted to have been but simply something--an extract or abstract, a random selection--of something that will have been. What would it mean for the time-capsule to be a living form or vessel for reflection and not only a curiosity anticipating the shock of historical distance?
What is brought to mind by the absence
Of music is a discovery unto itself
Of foreign powers and powers that
Are all too much at home

With our memories of coming home
And the ear which receives us, returning
Powers loop a thousand ways
Transport us looping in instrument's increase

Harks back to things that will never be
The catastrophe of being the catastrophe
Of being here and not there
A music withholds sometimes.