Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sojourners (Falling)

old lions beware
a wake discrepant
ship between two
shores no santa
here as if in turning

a necessary journey towards
homeward song

that freedom from gravity centers our bodies

freedom from the open
force an ecstasy

and wind which is too big
as spirit made where does it come from
and why doesn’t someone continue

a shift of force
they were a people when they had such amulets

who could survive to gain the fire
by any felt necessity

paint the weight of our hands existing innocents

what strokes and oars do we follow the bristles promise

there is a portal which is always open
there are the facts of actuality
at work

sojourning turning

forcing the words where they must break beyond breaking
then writing must be one with its worlds

what we interpret
as roads as pools & forestry

such is the mind

or the fate of the
in this storm of spirit

she knew these things when it came upon her

after much reflection
upon that

while there were
still animals in
the Hudson River

hunting the
hunter a spiral appears

history’s a moon shot

like a heart
beating a beaten
stone is it
that pulpit which beats the hand

then close the nose ecstasy
beyond and in
the world

that freedom from gravity centers our bodies

force an ecstasy by the grace of sovereign abandon

Monday, July 03, 2006

For Tom Mandel

Together the fragments
make another fragment.

Letters will allegorize
a body, but time
won’t stand guard.