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The Death and Life of American Cities May 26, 2013

The Death and Life of American Cities May 26, 2013


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_____------_______Samuel Solomon ___------------------------///// --------> from from Reproducing 

the Line:.1970s Innovative Poetry and

Socialist-Feminism in the U.K

#************ Thom Donovan @@@@@@ -----

((((exercise on Bruce Boone's Century of Clouds

The Death and Life of American Cities is invariably so.

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Scary Topiary's Arthur Echo PDF

A (Soma)tic collaboration, ARTHUR ECHO documents a Winter 2009 day [CA] Conrad and [Thom] Donovan spent listening to cellist Arthur Russell's WORLD OF ECHO on a twelve-hour loop in a five-story Philadelphia house. This chapbook appropriately inhabits the pop music tradition of the split single, as both poets tune into Russell's masterpiece to generate separate sets of notes on occult topics like angel milk & rock salt, the nutritive body, ecophenomenology, and lyric poetry. A unique tribute to Russell that conjures a reverberant portrait of close-listening and vital friendship from perceptual flux. (Review by Eric Baus at Jacket2.) 

"graffiti is beautiful / an emblem of AWAKE / saying I WAS HERE / AND HOPE YOU CARE" . . . "Crisis hush listen the world is alive repeat cho / rus"

Saddle-stitched binding and silk-screened covers. Art by Sunnylee Mowery. Edition of 88. SOLD OUT.

This title is now available in a free, digital version: pdf