Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fictions of Consequence

for Robert Kocik

"I had to believe in belief"
~ Robert Creeley

Hold barely the green invisible here no
One but everywhere currently hides a kind

Of life meter a foothold under and over
The grass where our genes were signature
This being submerged desire for what

Never was what behavior action obviously
We was subtracted from what faith in this.

"The more so all have it" push the wrong
Will around inoperatives in all singing into
This preposterousness limbs phantom

Capital was such these global kin of ghosts
Crying use what's the use how to use
Anything the world without using it there

Is no one free but in the heart older desires
When we were young or thoughts of uprising
What won't we be these hands must make

In the eyes a culture in the ears an animal
When it wasn't I we built something spirit

Was a technology without a plan the soul
Was a body your dance suddenly cleaved
Talk not of the mind neither of any body we

Had to not exist first before anything could
Get done meanwhile we decided to overcome.