Saturday, August 01, 2020

I Hate Poetry at Adjunct Press (chapbook)

I Hate Poetry goes past the (recently and inexplicably controversial) ars poetica to question the reason for even being a poet. It is a refreshingly materialist answer to the tedious mysticism of the poet-as-seer trope. Yet, once that trope is removed, what does remain? Given the obliviousness of poetry in the general world and the more-specialized distain of poetry within the poetry world; what does choosing to become a poet mean? Why is preference developed apophatically? What are the ethical and social implications between recognition and oblivion?

This book is hand-bound with a pamphlet stitch and ornamental staple. The text pages are laser printed on 24 lb recycled paper. The cover is 80 lb flat white cover stock and laser printed with a complete coverage that gives a glossy feel and we think could give the book a level or wear or patina over time. This book is made in Milwaukee in an edition of 50.

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