Friday, September 15, 2017

Some Notes on Note-Taking (after Bhanu Kapil’s Ban en Banlieue) [in Tripwire 13]

The new Tripwire contains some notes I took about Bhanu Kapil's Ban en Banlieue and composition through note-taking.


Now available as a special free PDF issue, with discounted print on demand versions from lulu, TRIPWIRE 13: DIALOGUES is full of interviews, collaborations, poetics essays and reviews, and new poetry and translations.  

Soleida Ríos (translated by Kristin Dykstra) * Tongo Eisen-Martin * Lionel Fogerty (introduced by Matt Hall) * Nat Raha * Ed Luker * Johan Mijail (translated by Amaury Rodriguez) * Yedda Morrison * Lisa Jeschke & Lucy Beynon * Sara Uribe & John Pluecker * David Lau & Brian Ang * Lara Durback * Jennifer Cooke & Andrew Spragg * Emily Abendroth & Levi Bentley * John Chávez * Hugo García Manríquez* Lesego Rampolokeng & Douglas Valentine * Oki Sogumi & Cassandra Troyan * Carlos Soto Román & Frank Sherlock * Ryan Eckes * Olive Blackburn * Gail Scott & Andy Fitch * Alireza Taheri Araghi & Rachel L’Abri Tipton * Sodéh Negintaj (translated by Alireza Taheri Araghi) * Andrés Anwandter * Ajit Chauhan * Jeanine Onori Webb on Lisa Robertson * Megan Kaminski on Leslie Scalapino * Marcelo Morales (translated by Kristin Dykstra) * Tanya Hollis * Eleanor Perry on Frances Kruk & Sophie Seita * Grace Shuyi Liew on Nests and Strangers (ed. Timothy Yu) * Kathy Lou Schultz on Julia Bloch, Megan Kaminski, & Robin Tremblay-McGaw * David W. Pritchard on Dawn Lundy Martin & Frank Lima * Chris McCreary on Gil Ott * Saretta Morgan on Douglas Kearney * Katharine Peddie on Marianne Morris * Brittany Billmeyer-Finn on Tessa Micaela Landreau-Grasmuck * Thom Donovan on Bhanu Kapil * Orchid Tierney on Kristen Gallagher.
Cover image: Yedda Morrison, from “ReGenesis” (detail). Courtesy Republic Gallery, Vancouver. 285 pages. FREE PDF.