Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Left Melancholic listings and end of the year thanks

Thank you to my friends, family, colleagues, former students, and mentors who have subscribed to my Patreon. Your support made a tremendously difficult year a little easier. Below is a complete listing of the site’s over 200 posts if anyone is considering subscribing. 

"We fuck death put it there ostensibly" (from The Hole)

On Matt Mullican's Bulletin Boards

"If that fire would burn" (from The Hole)

Teaching Etel Adnan’s The Arab Apocalypse

Animal Communism

On Renée Green's Other Planes of There

"No one was the wiser" (from The Hole)

A grave in exchange for the commons (on Fred Moten)

"We gave our limbs we gave our throats" (from The Hole)

Remains: Poems 1999-2009 (Unpublished book draft)

Constraint is not silent nor at rest

Hannah Weiner and Intense Autobiography

Literal Blood (from The Remains)

Somatic Poetics

The Fate of Number (from The Remains)

Future Citizen

Sore Ethics (introduction to Supple Science: a Robert Kocik Primer)

For (from The Remains)

The Accident

Delays in Glass: Social Media Poetics

Meatyard, My Neighbor (from The Remains)

Reading Martha Rosler Reading

Now Man (from The Remains)

“None of us have rules, none of us have scripture”: CA Conrad’s Advanced Elvis Course and the Politics of Immanence

Soon-To-Be (from The Remains)

Devotions (from The Remains)

Debt I (from Withdrawn)

The Girl Who Loved Spiders (children's story)

from Before Freedom (from The Remains)

“Because the pronouns have already been wiped out”: On Melissa Buzzeo’s The Devastation

MANTLE (from The Remains)

Century of Clouds questionnaire

Beginning Compendiums of a Bare Oak (from The Remains)

Death Is My Gift / Afterlives PDF

On the Occult

Macho Man, Tell It To My Heart: Collected by Julie Ault

Songs (from Death is my Gift)

In the Ditch

Pee Pee Town (children's story)

Death is My Gift II (from Death is my Gift)

Robert Kocik's Portraiture, a Reminiscence

After Madeline Gins

Telegenically Dead (from Death is my Gift)

Interview with Guy Ben-Ner for BOMB

The Slimy Book (children's story)

Plan (from Death is my Gift)

St. Bruce

We are just two things of air

Class (from Death is my Gift)


The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Bird (Children's Story)

Charnel Ground II (from Death is my Gift)

Interview with Adam Pendleton for BOMB

Charnel Ground I (from Death is my Gift)

"Reunite" (George Floyd Multiple)

The Gift of Death (from Death is my Gift)

"All it took to light the house"

Florence Journal May/June 2014

No Names (from Death Is My Gift)

Charlie (children's story)

The non-reduction of phonic substance

I Hope You Are in That Sun (from Death Is My Gift)

Prayer Beginning with a Phrase from Paul B. Preciado

Journal of a Plague Month

Impassed (from Death Is My Gift)


The Man Who Hated Rainbows (children's story)

Lit (from Death Is My Gift)

Crowns (II)

Sublime Anger (from Death Is My Gift)

The Lighthouse

Evaluation (from Death Is My Gift)


“It never occurred to me that I would be a teacher” (from Left Melancholy part 3, My Students)

Revenants, Remains (from Death Is My Gift)

An Adjunct Phenomenology

The Recognition (from Death Is My Gift)

"Certain classes have chemistry, and ours did" (from Left Melancholy part 3, My Students)

False Flags (from Death Is My Gift)

“On the first day of class all of the seats were occupied” (from Left Melancholy part 3, My Students)

Sonnet 64 (from Death Is My Gift)

Love to the Teacher (from Left Melancholy part 3, My Students)

Place of Action (from Death Is My Gift)

The Art of Withdrawal [on Lee Lozano and Ben Kinmont] 

Bruised Music (from Death Is My Gift)

“When my contract was renewed for another year” (from Left Melancholy part 3, My Students)

In Actu (from Death Is My Gift)

“On the first day of class I felt scared” (from Left Melancholy part 3, My Students)

A Thousand Levels (from Death Is My Gift)

“I didn’t know how to approach you at first” (from Left Melancholy part 3, My Students)

Letter to J. Morgan Puett (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)

After Hito Steyerl (from Death Is My Gift)

“You would always sit on the margin of the class” (from Left Melancholy part 3, My Students)

Letter to Gregory Sholette (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)

Mouth Writing (from Death Is My Gift)

In Lieu of a “Statement of Teaching Philosophy” (from Left Melancholy part 3, My Students)

Left Melancholy parts 1 & 2 ms. PDF

Letter to Gregg Bordowitz

Does the Document Promise? (from Death Is My Gift)

On Left Melancholy parts 1 and 2

Letter to Glenn Ligon (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)

You Make Me Want to Shout (from Death Is My Gift)

“I dare not use the term ‘ally’” (from Left Melancholy part 2)

Design Proposal for Etel Adnan's Reader

Proletarian Nights (from Death Is My Gift)

Annotation/Redaction (from Left Melancholy part 2)

Letter to Fred Moten (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)

Thek (from Death Is My Gift)

from Headless (from Left Melancholy part 2)

How I Did Not Write Certain of My Books (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)

No Milk Today (from Death Is My Gift)

from Headless (from Left Melancholy part 2)

Letter to Etel Adnan (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)

Post-Sovereign (from Death Is My Gift)

from Headless (from Left Melancholy part 2)

Letter to Jordan Scott (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)

Afterlives (from Left Melancholy part 2)

Bruce Boone and the Gay Straights

Corpsefuckers (from Left Melancholy part 2)

Letter to Dodie Bellamy (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)

For Terry (from Death Is My Gift)

Ressentiment (from Left Melancholy Part 2, Ressentiment)

My Thoughts (from Death Is My Gift)

Introduction to "For Opacity"

Letter to David Buuck (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)

Being Gone to be Here (from Left Melancholy part 2)

Letter to Dana Ward (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)

Teaching New Narrative

This is not a poem for JA (from Left Melancholy Part 2)

Letter to Chase Granoff (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)

Christmas, 2014 (from Left Melancholy Part 2)

Eastman PDF (Unpublished book draft)

Death Is My Gift I (from Death Is My Gift)

Letter to CA Conrad (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)

Slavery’s Exiles (from Left Melancholy Part 2)

Note to “Eastman”

Letter to Bruce Andrews (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)

Friendship (from Left Melancholy Part 2)

The Holy Presence of Joan of Arc (from Eastman)

Letter to Bhanu Kapil (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)

The Camp (from Left Melancholy Part 2)

Crazy ------ (from Eastman)

Stuffed Cat (from Left Melancholy Part 2)

Letter to Beka Economopoulos (from Withdrawn: A Discourse)

Zurich Concert (from Eastman)

Letter to Adam Pendleton (from Withdrawn: a Discourse)

Ante-Monuments (from Left Melancholy Part 2)

Creation (from Eastman)

Use Without Using

“The End of the world of course”: 5 Questions & 4 Prompts for De/worlding (from Left Melancholy Part 2)

Femenine (from Eastman)

On Max Razdow's True Corpus

But Lose the Feeling (from Left Melancholy Part 2)

Gay Guerrilla (from Eastman)

A Different Way to Destroy (from Death Is My Gift)

From “Other Suns” (On Anne Lesley Selcer's Sun Cycle)

The Rabbit in the Moon (from Left Melancholy Part 2)

Fugue No. 7 (from Eastman)

After Marcus Rediker (from Left Melancholy Part 2)

The Refusal (In the Tradition) (from Left Melancholy Part 2)

Dolmen Music (from Eastman)

After Julie Ault (from Death Is My Gift)

My Students (from Left Melancholy Part 2)

Stay On It (from Eastman)

"I didn’t know how to approach you at first" (from Left Melancholy Part 3)

What Wings Raised: Fragments For Paradisical Beauty

The Refusal (from Left Melancholy Part 1)

Evil ****** (from Eastman)

Striving for Protection (for Jack Whitten)

“We are Abandoned” (from Left Melancholy Part 1)

If You’re So Smart Why Aren’t You Rich? (from Eastman)

Statement for Eastman

Into Bride // Army of Roses (a meditation on suicide after Maya Deren's Meshes of the Afternoon)

Death Is My Gift (from Left Melancholy Part 1)

Eight Songs for a Mad King (from Eastman)

5 Questions for Contemporary Practice introductions (2010-2012)

Wood in Time (from Eastman)

Statement for Meatyard, My Neighbor

Splitting (on Gordon Matta-Clark and ethical obligation)

Trumpet (from Eastman)

On Eléna Rivera's Scaffolding

Thruway (from Eastman)

On Jibade-Khalil Huffman’s STANZA

Akademie ‘loss (from Left Melancholy Part I)

Mumbaphilia (from Eastman)

Some Notes on Note-Taking (after Bhanu Kapil’s Ban en Banlieue)

Macle (from Eastman)

Go Crazy

Father, Don’t You See I’m Burning? (from Left Melancholy Part I)

440 (from Eastman)

On Renee Gladman’s Prose Architectures

Shadow Commons (from Left Melancholy Part I)

Comp 1 (from Eastman)

On the Occult

Prelude for Julius Eastman (from Eastman)

For a Poetics of Healing (from Left Melancholy Part I)

Her Research About Horses (from Left Melancholy Part I)

At whose expense are you held? (notes on Midsommar)

Post-Face to Withdrawn: a Discourse

Place of Action (from Left Melancholy Part I)

“I miss people I haven’t even met yet” (from Left Melancholy Part I)

Ruins in Reverse (from Left Melancholy Part I)

Crying (from Left Melancholy Part I)

Prologue to Left Melancholy Part I

Arthur Russell Revised: Hold On To Your Dreams

On [Jodi Melamed’s] Represent and Destroy

Leslie’s Tears (for Leslie Feinberg)

Maybe it’s just that I loved him (Kevin Killian tribute)

Touch Him When (for Kevin Killian)


Letter to Kevin Killian regarding "Goodnight"

Stranger Things

Goodnight (for Kevin Killian)

Why Poets Theater Now?

Second Reflection, Second Innocence (on art after the debt crisis)

I Tried To Be a Socialist (on Asad Haider's Mistaken Identity)

I Hate Poetry

Why I Teach Afro-Pessimism