Thursday, March 15, 2007

At *Around Sea*

~ for Brenda Iijima

"Under the wind waves I transcribe the relentless
no measure with which to embroider"
~ Brenda Iijima

"-- there was nothing more devastating than finding
the birds gone"
~ Rob Halpern

"To render inoperative the machine that governs our conception of man will therefore mean no longer to seek new--more effective or more authentic--articulations, but rather to show the central emptiness, that hiatus that--within man--separates man from the animal, and to risk ourselves in this emptiness: the suspension of the suspension, Shabbat of both animal and man."
~ Giorgio Agamben

"--The ungainliness
of the creature needs stating.
~ Louis Zukofsky

"Here, structure is not satisfied in the molecule, is not additive; but is fulfilled only in the whole work, the apprehension of the work's "life" springing anew in each realization, each immediate cell."
~ Robert Duncan

"The expression of artworks is the nonsubjective in the subject: not so much that subject's expression as its copy; there is nothing so expressive as the eyes of animals--especially apes--which seem objectively to mourn that they are not human."
~ Theodor Adorno

Consequentially this firewall or crashing code of waves
Discontinuously *here* were actual spirits
Animated as rock and *mundus* green profounder
Yet for an imaged spring a Maying disasters sing

What they first meant retrospectively not without
Effect before reflections were committed
To that original cancer "Man" mistook for the animal
Always also *in* "him" separate for the Open

Not our animal selves those otherwise noble
Not the mind disidentifying scope & scrape scrap scape
Consequentially not an entity continues to survive
Its critique before disaster became decadent

Called Humanism (euphemistically, perversely) "demo-
cracy" called Art (fascistically, wrong headedly) "popular" *I don't
Want no silicone* (Ed Ruscha) do we "beautifully" hallucinate
Eclipse would we be that noble creature diurnal & entranced

Before darkest light was braver than any commenced mind
Stranger than force of rock force of this promise Beyond
Indebted as such to which sensations and flatness occur
What materials we once made abstract must become disasters

So it is the suffered activate our perfect consequence
A concrete music a music for concrete corporeal particulars
Must be built until the sky rises stop the earth where our hands
Could be consequentially unmade unworked as it were

Again what devolves to these forms grammar snap plastic
To tendril pivot spring where waves won't become captive
As motions quantum likewise around them "delay, decay"
Land littorally literalized notwithstanding this virtual vigil

In our accretions for worlds again sponge percept a blotter
Extracts eyes from Truth a grammar of relation scores sight
Sites the patterns of a shell gnomic so we were reborn
Where once the cries of organs began the "human" recurs

In barbaric gnosis the Open falling to shudder suddenly
"Shiddow-shadow" synthesizer fail for "Nature" provokes
Its own "good work" immediations of mediacy this is but
"A draft of a draft" vocoded where immanence will irrupt

Transcendence can't be put for sure pulsating (for H.D.)
Turned against manners our logistics or a style of fable
Your fabled bees becoming breakers abuzz at breakneck
Speed slowest strobes auto-poesis like standing waves

Utter singularity numbered to every number every One
Must be signed subtracted from "us" fabled subjects
Your animals fall to prepositions neither the other's mine
Around this mirror metapolitics dreaming other contents

Disaster phases number slows this menance down
Pretend to collapse my dearly imagined subject my desire
To be at you around little objects hovering harbinging
What bird Event a voice beside and what is over it crashing.

A Bifurcation

~ for Martha Oatis

Every page
Or so there is
This before
The forest floor
And all around
Crystal states

Is this clairvoyant
Grammar breaks
The world in two
Never because
Organic is between
These senses needles
Thrown to a wind

Precarious blank
Of worlds again
Like pages put to words
Backward scattered
To horizons opening
Or an axis for perception

All children recalled
From death-by-growth
An organic dying for which
Wind blows clouds break
The world in two
Becoming what single
Image for the parsed
A body formed by decision.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dear Univocals

~ to Lori Anderson Moseman
after T.S. Eliot's "Virginia"

"Red river, red river
Slow flow heat is silence
Now will is slow as a river

Stiller flame is this heat here
Subtracted still from obsolescence suppposed
The resilience of actual handedness

Polish forms numbered one by one
In the heat of this movement what motions
Gesture before description should be made

--Ever a place to put us

"...Will heat move
Only through the mocking bird
Heard once?..."

Never heard once and often with both
Ears held binocularly to a percept
None shall cross twice except no place

Shall always be here or there
Where time wasn't before us after all
But in us dear Univocals dear organs fleeing

"...Still hills
Wait. Gates wait. Purple trees,
White trees, wait wait,
Delay, decay...."

Our stand-stills still like justice, this
Is the shudder, for all movement commas,
Rove in our thinking, the colors of that thinking

The gradations of this, as notes desynchronous
Moved, to that like synchronous birds,
Seen in waters warbled reflection, this inflection

--Our life as we were undead

"...Living, living,
Never moving. Ever moving
Iron thought came with me
And go with me
Red river, river, river."

To repeat with me children
Ever moving with the living
For the dead what
Makes the writing undead

Uniquely a color moved
To with and repeated
Like a sound for being
Overburdening signs

Such was an image in-
Crementally of voices flocked
Subtracted from which
River below or above?

Why "Virginia" but for the war
Dead buried between
This border song subtracted
From their repetitions

Anthems like a blood released
From like or appearance over
Our battles of salvageable sky and earth
Battle again like we were

No when no where else
But in this flow no one but bullets
Where wounds were unthinkable
Canons persist internal to us.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Eruv II. (revision)

Turning the inside *in* makes a cut to air
Material here our hands and tools die
Make us instruments if not a tunnel
For their labor recollected in intersections

Time squares lived rooms since we are
Sometimes wherein air nets mesh to
Sky again the dead or dig a portal to

Lived chips tend slivers see no thing
Notwithstanding a roof without a house
Eye beams convey me as you push us around
Where time won't be put the *socius*

Remains what we must be consequentially
Of saws as they see they cut a shade to lift
Light from its impossible place posited in
“real” structures evictions who wouldn't stand

Still in our immanence transcendence already
Against beginning or end cuts interrupt
Unsalvageable over our heads elsewhere above

Cinders dawn designs will be demolished
Fresh Kills cut to any gull any blood shed
In our backyard Niagara's dead call us back
From property relations to process.