Monday, April 01, 2013

I Hope You Are in That Sun

Burning your hegemony
In effigy to all
That is absent
Inasmuch as we are
But this skin of names
Burning on some
Other sound for now
In whose dreams
Did the sun appear
No sun at all
Like a light before
Light was
These notes stretch
All the sounds we can be
Forget the violence
Of their music
Other first principles
We can’t mean
Sweating in exile
From certain pedigree
Identity messes
Everyone up
The ego which was all
Disabling sings
A new name
This morning a kind
Of third thing no
Sun could ever be
Suffered like a drug
Everything we see
The world
Is an epigraph
So call grace its score
That knowing spreads
Its cure
Rhyming in a world
No one has seen
Sequenced like my Lord
Summoning an end
To music.

--for David Rattray

David Rattray: a Recognition (event)

            Please join us for an evening & an afternoon of readings, film & visual art marking the life, work and ongoing influence of poet and translator David Rattray (1936-1993) on the twentieth anniversary of his death.
                On Friday April 5 at 7PM at the Leo Koenig Gallery (545 W. 23) in Chelsea.
                Lynne Tillman
                Nicole Eisenman
                Vincent Fitzgerald & David Rattray
                Dia Felix
                Basil King & Martha King
                Chris Kraus
                Betsy Sussler
                Liz Kotz
                Kevin Cooney
                Raymond Foye
                Eileen Myles
                Thom Donovan
                Jim Fletcher
                Ken Chaya
                and Saturday April 6, 2PM
                St. Mark’s Poetry Project, 2nd Ave & E 10th St.
                Joanna Furhrman
                Robbie Dewhurst
                Eileen Myles
                Gerrit Lansing
                Susie Timmons
                Garret Caples
                John Godrey
                Kim Lyons
                Chris Kraus
                David Able
                Ann Rower
                Jesse Browner
                George Quasha
                George Green