Friday, September 12, 2008

Powers of the False

If they say these
are facts then they
are facts

and if we don't
it doesn't
seem to matter

enough to anybody
at all it doesn't
seem to matter

who lives and who
dies as long
as they live

with these facts
as long
as we must live

with them the sky
is so much like
a grave

and they can't
seem to make us die
quickly enough

as though all that
"strength" were
was to pass for the true

and not do anything
to transform
the real...

Nietzsche wrote
the strong must be
protected from the weak

but I don't think
he meant this in
the way they mean it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ultra Red's Dont Rhine with Nonsite Collective (Ad, SF)*

Dont Rhine, of the audio activist collective Ultra-red, will lead a discussion around two texts his group has drafted, texts that come out of an emerging project to further develop their approach to art and activism across specific political investigations and self-organized pedagogy. (Both texts available at links below.)

Get Lost Travel Books
Monday September 22
1825 Market Street
(betwn Valencia and Guerrero)
San Francisco

Ultra-red appears on the cover of the current issue of WIRE, which features a great article on the collective, a pdf of which will soon be available on this website.

Texts under discussion on 9/22:

1) "Some theses on militant sound investigation, or, listening for a change."

2) "A Preliminary Outline of Paulo Friere's 'Thematic Investigation' as Cultural Action."

[see attached pdf: click on “1 attachment,” below.]

For more information on Ultra-red, see The collective will be participating in Critical Resistance 10, Sept. 26-28 in Oakland (see “Events” at

*originally posted by Rob Halpern at Nonsite Collective's website