Thursday, September 25, 2008

O Coevals (III)

I want you
in my mouth like
the sky needs
to rest

in our
eyes when we see
the sky for
what it is

interrupting this
labor the things
you wouldn't

to the sky again if
you had the choice
and you do
have the choice

or develop
useless as the
rise you get
out of me

when we touch
get around
to its sticky


When we get around
to nothing

complicity calls
(this is the call)

no more rock anthems
just some rock

we can't stand on
some out of control

limbs no good for
anything anymore

no longer can we
control them

they speak words
and particles

of words we couldn't
have spoken before

project our
unsaved figures

without grace or shame.


The environment became us
it told us we had tender skin
that we had subtle organs

and were porous to almost
anything they said any reason
they hated us made us stronger

than we immediately seemed
with all these obstacles to the
true the world we have to make

because we can't help what we
are pain is not a mirror we
hold to the world distorting it

but it makes the world possibly
know itself as one subject
abandoned by their justice.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flux Factory's Living Room (Ad)

Flux Factory presents: Living Room
in collaboration with

October 4 & 5, 2008

Flux Factory has invited ten artists to transform strangers’ homes into sites for interactive works. Domestic or historic locations throughout New York City will become arenas for exploring what it means to inhabit a space, to make it one’s own. In conjunction with openhousenewyork, “Living Room” locations range from private living rooms to historical sites throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Explore a wall of secrets, a room-cum-optical-device, and go rooftop camping, and other exciting projects!

“Living Room” is a continuation of Flux Factory’s interest in the urban experience, in New York history, and in the overlap between private and public space. As a live/work collective, we are fascinated by what it means to make a space one’s own. While satisfying our voyeur desires, this project is also an opportunity for the public to peek into private sites normally off limits.

Works will be on view throughout the 6th Annual OHNY Weekend on October 4 & 5, 2008 from 11:00 – 6:00 unless otherwise noted.

A free, 20 person shuttle will leave the Center for Architecture on Saturday and Sunday at 12pm to transport visitors to the sites.
Please email to RSVP for the bus tour.

openhousenewyork is a non-profit organization celebrating New York City’s architecture and design, culminating in America’s largest event of its kind, the annual OHNY Weekend.

Participating Artists: Emily Clark, Rodney Dickson, Kim Holleman, Prem Krishnamurthy, John Monteith, Jo Q. Nelson, Trong Gia Nguyen, Douglas Paulson, Tattfoo Tan, Lauren Wilcox

Curated by Chen Tamir

For more info and to view artist maps, go to:


Emily Clark
Teacher’s Lounge at P35M–Manhattan High School
317 W. 52nd Street between 9th and 10th Aves, Hell’s Kitchen
In the mind of every kid in school is a secret place sparking rumors and gossip. Clark has turned the abandoned teacher’s lounge at P35M into a functioning one, playing on the tropes of its assumed uses: relaxation, anger, frustration, gossip, lunchtime, union meetings, refrigerators, and (at one time) smoking.

Rodney Dickson
Romper Room
Public Toilets, 2nd floor of the Crane Street Studios, 46-23 Crane Street, LIC, Queens
Romper Room evokes a torture chamber, in which victims are held hostage, tortured, interrogated, and often brutally killed. This work alludes also to methods of interrogation currently used by the US government in the War on Terror. The title was taken from a popular children’s’ TV program in Northern Ireland during the 1970s, which terrorists adopted as a name for a room in which they tortured and executed victims during the worst days of conflict in Ireland.

Prem Krishnamurthy
Berlin/New York
772 Washington Ave, Apt #2, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
This projected slide installation concerns doppelganger cities, parallel interiors, and the unreliability of travel narrative.

John Monteith
Hide and Go Seek
The Arsenal, 830 Fifth Ave/ E 64th St, New York (Entrance on Central Park)
Sat – Sun, 2:45 pm
Participants will play “Hide and Go Seek” as a way of exploring the Arsenal and experimenting in new social settings. To participate, please RSVP to John Monteith at

Jo Q. Nelson
38-09 43rd Ave 3rd Floor, Sunnyside, Queens
Softbox is a completely malleable space where rooms are on wheels and entire environments can be changed around. The flexibility of this live/work warehouse space is due to its role as a testing ground for sculptural and interior architecture projects by Nelson and visiting artists. Focused on “hosting,” Softbox is both a laboratory and a social space where interactive programming takes place including screenings and performances. This will be its inaugural open house.

Trong Gia Nguyen
“The DUMBO Debates”
(formerly known as “A View to a Thrill”)
Barrack Obama and John McCain spend a weekend together on a secret roof deck Garden of Eden in DUMBO. They talk taboo politics, drink Bloody Marys, eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and leave all inhibitions behind.

Douglas Paulson
Urban Examination Initiative, Roofs Department
Locations TBA
Saturday night
This project is an open invitation to engage the city and OHNY from the outside. You are invited to join a group that will travel through sites by day, and camp on a rooftop by night. Participants are invited to join or leave at anytime. For more information and to RSVP to this urban adventure please RSVP to

Tattfoo Tan
Open Secret
393 17th Street #2A, Brooklyn
Open Secret is an intervention between the artist, Tattfoo Tan, a home owner, and the public. Open Secret investigates the junction between private and public by using invisible paint and black lights to reveal secrets in the privacy of a home.

Lauren Wilcox
An Instrument for Viewing the Contents of a Room
213 Montrose Apt 2 (2nd floor) Brooklyn, 11206 (Crossstreet Bushwick Ave.)
Sat 11 am - 6 pm, Sun 11 - 4pm
To paint perspective during the Renaissance artists used Alberti’s Grid, a device which projects a scene onto a flat screen. This installation is a version of that device, a box that captures a room’s elements, both actual and unseen, and translates them, inside, into objects both literal and abstract.

Kim Holleman
Trailer Park
Foley Square Sat and Sun: 10-8pm
This mobile living park, converted from a 14′ x 8′ x 7′ standard aluminum trailer, is an oasis surrounded by the bustling sights and sounds of the city.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Try! (Ad)

David Brazil and Sara Larsen are putting out their zine, Try!, EVERY two weeks(!!!).

With the exception of Stacy Szymaszek's Gam (the new issue of which is due on the streets soon!), I can think of no current magazine culture as vital and immediate for what is really going on in poetry. I am also a big fan of the aesthetic, which cuts and *tapes* in consistently intelligent ways, playing between image and text, typewritten and handwritten, reckless and refined, and which interposes the blogosphere in curious ways (see Suzanne Stein's piece in the latest Try!, which features excerpts from her blog LWC/LWK).

For copies or to submit your work to Try! try:

Monday, September 22, 2008

Free Market

They say you are free
And so we are free
Like a hole we made

In the sky or that
Weather of Septembers
We did not create

They say you are free
To do what you want
To be what you want

As free as a bird any
Other creature of ex-
change but you need

The law like that bird
Needs its wings is
Obedient to the wind

And you are not
A bargain unless
Entropy turns a billion

Lines your pockets
With a void which
Resembles us

Recrudescing bad
Effects while making
Shit up on those days

Liberal economists
Pray to some un
heard of collective.