Saturday, May 03, 2014

VIDA feature on The Claudius App

A handful of friends asked me what was going on after I spoke up at Facebook against the vile editorial practices of the The Claudius App. So quickly did the editors, Jeff Nagy and Eric Linsker (who never issued an explanation, let alone an apology for their misogynist editorial) take down the offending content, that there was nothing to point those friends to. VIDA just posted a feature, with statements from Eileen Myles and Dorothea Lasky, and screen captures of the content in question:

Thursday, May 01, 2014


Here is a poem The Academy of American Poets ran today, written after Paul Thek. Happy May Day!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fiona Templeton's MEDEAD

"I've been listening to Fiona Templeton and her collaborators read this choric poem/drama for over a decade. In it I hear all of contemporary English open to a force of collective enunciation (nation language, idiolect) against 'standard' English and the economic and gender-based violence it has facilitated from its inception into our present. Superseding all instrumental violence in this long poem/drama is a sustained attention to language not so much as nonsensical or semiotic as widening into larger ambivalences, potential, and subtle vocalizations (phonemics, neologism, homophony)--an anti-epic border song marking the shifting and thus precarious territorial claims of an Anglophone geopolitical unconscious."

Nick Sturm on "the critical performance of translation" in The Sonnets