Sunday, June 07, 2009


I feel very honored to have the following (Soma)tic Exercise dedicated to myself and Dorothea Lasky by our colleague and friend CAConrad. I am looking forward to trying out the writing exercise as soon as my leaf is ready...

(HH) Hamlet House review at FANZINE

Here's a review of Lilac Co and St Johns Theater's work-in-progress (HH) Hamlet House up at FANZINE now. Check it out!

from the review:
"In (HH) hamlet house we are neither what we do or what we say, but the desynching of saying and doing, speech and gesture. Even though (HH) hamlet house is live, it presents the now obvious fact that what is said and what is done are virtual to each other. I am reminded of this desynching, too, when Ophelia announces that she will turn green, takes her hands from a bucket of water, and starts painting herself green with a dab of paint. The effect of this action is affecting not just because it is weird (it would be too easy to call this gesture “weird”), but because of its play between what can be imagined at the level of speech (“I will paint myself green”) and what the theater can make real (the act of painting one’s self green). When the possible becomes instantiated (where it once existed only virtually at the level of statement) we wonder and are moved."