Saturday, July 22, 2006

Devotion VII-X

Devotion VII
Needful Clips

Rakosi to Eigner

Seeing sweats sweet thought
Rock of hewn jobs
Parsings Jews plumb.

Through your foot the bird
Insists upon this very aspect
The very weight we've become.

For Hannah Weiner

With folks sister the hand that feeds
Bites lines longer regrets a hatchet
Identification in this together integrated
In this together for longer ways
To break meaning given yes
Gives to forage for circulars circles

To break meaning given yes
Her incarceration the sentence always
Sentences consciousness gives-out
Memory pills chide incantation pain
Arrives O right approval adequate hand
Ahem a hem O Hannah this is

For Nathaniel Mackey

In screech of break
throb of sunk note

immanence explodes
to involved version

thunk scrawl tells all
of the millions more

to particular disasters
wind's presupposition

postponing water
at a boat's needful clip.

Devotion XIII
Before Freedom - For Rachael Corrie

Who are you
who would not

swallow. The cold
invites you

the wind and

Yet you won't
become afraid.

blows through

the mind

we are here.

Who can not
grasp it

The weather
Your storm.

Devotion IX
"Out there"

Direct attacks
the dark sleep pinned

Collection to a small
island of delay

Summer when it ceases
in the mind it might

Return in some other
folio or body


Glimpse from the postcard
album coast

To an accurate representation
of this inch of land

We find each other anywhere
that's the problem

Loving thy neighbor
in the light

In the bright bright light


What we see in the gray
sky as an imagined

The field is out there
it comes to us


In the glint
unveiled by a ball

And all dazzle of first mirrors
images four as through a crystal looking

The clock turns back
tuned to time apple core

Violin resonant
with particular wars


In the wet tracks
the stage sun in which clef
glare a code of our missing

Plane descent

Goose to crowd is slowest

To levitate is to see


The visible holes
war of two violins fold

Remember to drop rain

Two houses
two violins, two times
the child adult

the body chased the soul

Or was music's
body his labor

Disrupted in slow
blow of brick


By the seen

All irregularities of the human reside
in the code of a box within

To tag and quill
scissors that cut, catalog and write

What crimes for the future begin
with calendars

serials remind us of history last:

1. Horse head peeping an eye,
sane take for seen take for sign

2. Butcher or clockmaker, spinster or boy
or soldier or maker of pouches

To rehearse death makes them immortal on film.

Devotion X
Blood Which Stays Blood

What is raining? Blood.
Who? The eyes.
How? Day and night.

To tape a name
On the brain

To cut the skull
Open to signs

The seeing ear
The spoken eye

Visions come to everyone

What is raining? Blood.
Who? The eyes.
When? Day and night.

We endure
The time it takes to appear
Wreaths crown
Our antipathy

That time
Is black & cold
A barrier to
The True

What is raining? Blood.
Who? The eyes.
When? Day and night.

Achieving the line
As it passes
Into the night
An approximate swan

Deep-throat silhouettes
Send blood storying
To find the paradox
Of all ague

In the making-soon
Crosses appear
Not swiftly enough
In our curtain mood.

What is raining? Blood.
Who? The eyes.
When? Day and night.


The disrelationship of despair is not a simple disrelationship but a disrelationship in a
relation which relates itself to its own self and is constituted by another, so that the
disrelationship in that self-relation reflects itself infinitely in the relation to the Power
which constituted it.
--Soren Kierkegaard

there is a standing wave so high in the middle of my room
the folds of the wave in perfect obedience
standing wave so high in the middle of my room
there is a standing wave so high I can’t get over it
--John Taggart

Monday, July 17, 2006

For JT

But let the aura be
a light in the world again
after none could be called
by their true names.

In truth the stones failed us
so we kicked them down
substituting for each petal
a similar blindness of sense.