Saturday, June 02, 2007


Possibly, in earlier pieces, I used the body as a proof that "I" was there -- the way a person might talk to himself in the dark. So, with that assumption -- that the body was analogous to a word-system as a placement device -- there was an attempt made to "parse" the body: it could be the subject of an action, or it could be the receiver, the object (it should be noted that most of the earlier pieces were kinds of reflexive sentences: "I" acted on "me."
~ Vito Acconci

This vol-ume, turns up in-to, the art-il-lery, a wak-ing
From sense, no one wants, pri-va-tion to be blown
Up, or the bo-dy's "ar-mor," so we don't stop for, his-tory
This is the, his-tory of an e-mo-tion, pan-to-mim-ing,

Pars-ing, in the ring, a per-son, moves, move-ment,
Is this one, a one, for im-a-ges, of the mak-ing,
Bod-i-ly, not when-ever, where, a per-son, was,
"I" pauses, is, is not a con-cept, but in think-ing, I wish-es
To mark, a thick of the street, thicker glimpse, sound

Sounds ap-pa-rent, a pa-rent fre-quen-cy, all bright of
Each in, trans-i-gence, here was called, to, switch,
Space, that, one called, a-round all, en-dan-gered,
Lis-ten-ing, the twist, is, where we are, the ex-tra sun,

Not eats, think-ing to its, lapse, lips or of this one,
Idea, of out-ward, fold a cone, folds, a koan, the
Bo-dy, what was, the bo-dy, once, "I" sang, it-self in-to
Be-ing, by, mak-ing com-mon, here, by mak-ing, the only
Rule, when-ever one, is there, or here hur-ries, a-ler-ter,

With light by, wri-ting falls, from all, by the world is
Lan-guage, is not the only world, such joints, for being this
Bo-dy in space, be-com-ing, hes-i-tat-ed, which-ever
Is when, in move-ment fall-ing, in cam-er-a to grass.