Saturday, November 11, 2006

After Scalapino (at St. Mark's)

The following is a re-mixing of my notes from the 2 (Leslie) Scalapino panels at St. Mark's Poetry Project earlier today. Much is lifted, albeit altered, from the presenters indicated below:

Alan Davies:
The language so called
Called night (Il y a)
Not when night is terror
For those being falsely
We have decided not
Won't stop to expel

Rod Smith:
Trance state voices the doing
Any not is not ironic
Astral body or actual body
To get at an ethics of
Radical identifactory
To going through, to phenomenological
Durational coevalness trance states
Produce this statement
Open up to dreamt fact
Dream facts are made of these

Laura Elrick:
A literal hallucination:

The person sieve imprint
The US occupied by itself

Pre-occupied Google-eyed fog-eared
Make armor not war

Jennifer Scappettone:
Had for us to fuck with
Time a different species of oppositional time
Stream histories
Coleridge abuzz in parodies
Of deixis

Experience is the universal term
Of American philosophy
From many holes all around
William James

Brenda Iijima:
The object stares back
People is never simply horizonal
We need another kind of writing
Inferior streamers streaming-off

We need another Tibetan auto-
Biography bums Boheme on visual intentionality

A memory stain may be emotional or physical or potentia or politically helped

Incidentals have glowing meaning
Auras have been occupied
Are the atmosphere
Those wars are

All has merged Hegel as if a personality
Of pod flowers in the happening
Foreground of attention

Grace the defective
And then I see Alma
Both books were written simultaneities
Following the sensory-motor
Coordination of the soul

A new eternity is plangently making

A mirror neuron system.

Rodrigo Toscano/Leslie Scalapino:
History doesn't happen to animals aliens
Proudhon aware or don't
Temporally know what you can know
Or saying

In the Noh
Noh where
Noh when


10 frames
10 relations
10 durations
In movement
As vacant when
An inverse relation
Who've died
To their social struggle
That person's relation
Not abroad
In the New Wave
Only occuring

Trance is a tool of investigation
When it's senseless
When that's senseless
And so their grinding
In relation to it

Journalism: Something about the sound of all these things touching each other seen for Brad Will.
Rhetoricity: moving away from rhetoricity

On Way

Thursday, November 09, 2006

On Reading Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself" Again

"[...] And filter and fibre your blood.

Failing to fetch me at first keep encouraged,
Missing me one place search another,
I stop somewhere waiting for you."

You filter for our farthest flung
In accidents the day is more
Sun more of these blades those
In the sun you filter to zoom
Occluded actual fingers thumbing
Through leaves fingered all here

Now that is all.
A metaphor for:
Soldiers, the dead?

The atomic continuity of your universal shoe and hymnal
The convergences of one "and" with another unawaited
The noise of these things fluttering all this time in place
Fluttering in the voice of speech televised silently watched
This filter that filter world flows convulses through us streets
I will space space sovereign time time blades whistle rage
There are not leaves enough and information also suffers

Now, that is all.
A metaphor for:
The living, each being?

This filter commands an image sung
And heard in the newborn lyric
Of your hand reading the vaulted eyes
The seen on your lips mere man
On a bench who has waded word-upon-word
The "F" sounds land and pull
Origin from under us compounding

Now that is, all.
A metaphor for:
radical democracy?

Becoming grass on the ground, among it,
Grass from above, grass from the sky:
Or universalism? Or evolutionary love?
Or the advantages of co-related particulars?
"Untranslatable" (in Webster's)--

"You shall listen to all sides and filter them through your self."

Some favorite lines...

from Judith Goldman's *DEATHSTAR/RICO-CHET* so far:

"The Free Flow of Obfuscation"

"Truth is the first casualty of war, common sense the second"

"Beware of Americans bearing news"