Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Peace Events presents Taylor Brady and Jennifer Scappettone (Ad)*

Peace Events & The Prosodic Body


Taylor Brady & Jennifer Scappettone

Saturday, November 1st 2008 8PM
BYOB & donation: $5

hosted by Thom Donovan & Robert Kocik at:

340 Morgan Avenue ("MEBLE" building)
E. Williamsburg (Graham Ave. L stop), Brooklyn

about the readers:

Taylor Brady lives in San Francisco where he is active in the Nonsite Collective ( His recent publications include *Yesterday's News*, *Occupational Treatment*, and *Snow Sensitive Skin*, written in collaboration with Rob Halpern.

from Occupational Treatment:

Perhaps I write to you in order to create delicious misunderstandings that will render me edible. I hope to settle your own digestion of my own erring analysis. Many of the campers are clothed in the gnawed remains of just such a meal. At one time they even produced its refreshments, but that was before the brewery started outsourcing beer. In the photos I've enclosed the effect is one of unfortunate fatigue. But you must remember that this nation is so young it has not yet discovered its youth. It only appears wreathed in tatters and strips of the outmoded or attenuated. Passing by way of sartorial falsehood, you must come to imagine the truth of a new collective body still barely veiled within it. Then distance comes and spills into its folds.

Jennifer Scappettone is the author of From Dame Quickly, forthcoming shortly from Litmus Press, and of several chapbooks: Beauty [Is the New Absurdity] (dusi/e kollectiv, 2007, now available at; Err-Residence (Bronze Skull, 2007); and Ode oggettuale, a bilingual "poemetto" translated in conversation with Marco Giovenale (La Camera Verde, Rome, 2008). She guest-edited Aufgabe 7, which features a section devoted to contemporary Italian poetry of research. She is now at work on Exit 43, an archaeology of the landfill and opera of pop-ups, for Atelos, and is also writing a book on the amphibious city. She teaches at the University of Chicago.


So here we are?



The chessboard has left and its dada with it.

What’s left is private.

About this—err—residence.

All mirrors noted. All windows. And all-breakable.

One ration under Bigus.

Still full of collector’s pieces.

Glass over glass. Dustiny, jurisdictionless.

Doug & Midge invite you off the page.

Into more issues than tissues.

Into La Salle. Into the Love Canal.

Scabie boomers:

Are you clean inside?

Here in the middle-of-center.

Death begins in the colon. Find out now!

Find 42 million pounds—

Moshi moshi. Supertrunk?

As one sterilizes her fen—

I wrote your copy inside the bubble

Find out why every second American is chronically ill.

& would now like to know what you are.

Two-way voice. In-only voice.

Lire desukeredomo!

Of Hooker Chemicals.

Out-only voice. Miroloyia

Littered with PCs. Rider B

Is Lyre, however, and yet—


Long-winged thrushes, or doves, making their way into

Engineering, termination, client service user training, where applicable,

Master Snare set in a thicket—

The rights and remedies for ST Service Service included in Table B…

So too these women, their heads hanging in a row….


They gasped with their feet for a very short while, not for long at all.

No use for civic grief: I Homer have hereby censored this account

& *anyway it was a long time ago.*


Directions to 340 Morgan Ave:
Take L to Graham Ave. Walk 4 blocks north on Metropolitan (past White Castle). Take a left on Morgan. Look out for a yellow awning that reads "MEBLE". You are there! Here is Mapquest, just in case:

Peace Events (formerly Peace On A) is an events series devoted to emergent work by writers, artists, performers, activists and scholars. Link Wild Horses of Fire weblog ( for back advertisements, introductions and reading selections.

Peace Events & The Prosodic Body
*photo courtesies Erica Kaufman, Dorothea Lasky, Jennifer Scappettone, and Stacy Szymaszek.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crayon On Beauty Release Event (Ad)

New York University’s McGhee Division
Inside/Outside Series Celebrates

Crayon On Beauty

Edited by Andrew Levy and Roberto Harrison

WHEN Wednesday, October 29th, 6:30 – 9:00pm
WHERE The Torch Club @ New York University, 18 Waverly Place, New York, NY

Entertainment begins at 7:00pm (Open bar at 6:30; Food to follow the panel and performances)

Julie Patton in Performance
“part, smart, kkk-Palin mart, grow another heart...”

How do we live now? – Beauty, ethics, and the political body
An open Q&A panel with Chris Alexander, Thom Donovan, Kristen Gallagher, Brenda Iijima, Andrew Klobucar, Robert Kocik, Julie Patton, Tim Peterson, and Eleni Stecopoulos — Moderated by Andrew Levy & Ruth Danon

Prosodic Body/Phoneme Choir presentation
by Daria Faïn and Robert Kocik with Valarie Samulski, Charlotte Gibbons and Jonathan Bastiani

Crayon 5 – On beauty – 26 essays on beauty, eleven new works of poetry, and 17 book
reviews (448 pages) – available for sale at the Torch Club (&

Contributors: Beverly Dahlen, Kristen Gallagher, Joe Amato, Chris Daniels, Cecilia Vicuña, Nicole Brossard, Rob Halpern, Julie Patton, Robert Kocik, Carolee Schneemann, Sawako Nakayasu, Kristin Prevallet, Brenda Iijima, Steve Benson, Laynie Browne, Diane Ward, Thom Donovan, Alan Davies, Lisa Robertson, Michal Lando, Peter O’Leary, P. Inman, Jonathan Skinner, Andrew Klobucar, Alan Prohm, Linh Dinh, Belle Gironda, Roberto Harrison, Andrew Levy, Corey Mead, Ruth Danon, David Pavelich, John Shoptaw, Laura Sims, Sally Van Doren, Dan Machlin, Robin Tremblay-McGaw, Tom Hibbard, Stephen Vincent, Martine Bellen, Kass Fleisher, Chris Alexander, Matthias Regan, Pete Smith, Pat Reed, Judith Goldman

Sponsored by the Liberal Arts Program, McGhee Division, SCPS, NYU and the Office of the Dean, SCPS, New York University

For further information please contact Andrew Levy @ | graphic design: