Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pages (Iran)

Surfing to find out information about the current situation in Iran I came across Pages.

PennSound author page

I now have a PennSound author page. Thank you to Michael Hennessey for his work on the page! More recordings are on the way with any luck...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

After Temple Grandin

It is not a complex feeling
It is pure empathy in the
Sense that I is not I but

One of them slaughtered
The animal is the most log-
ical creature for the ways

It computes the real smells
Its way back from distances
Memorizes whole geographies

I want to remember you
Like a series of chutes and
Bolts which feel no pain

As they are appearing to
You watched I want to calcu-
late the pain that we are

All worth and does not speak
Except wordlessly like a
Single picture can sometimes

Tell the truth of our
Cruelty or the malice of
These everyday embodiments.

War and Peace 4: Vision and Text

WAR AND PEACE 4: VISION AND TEXT is devoted to collaborations between visual works and poetry, includes collaborative works of Charles Bernstein with Susan Bee, Amy Evans McClure with Michael McClure, Kiki Smith with Leslie Scalapino, Denise Newman with Gigi Janchang, a film on paper by Lyn Hejinian, Alan Halsey's visual texts, Simone Fattal, and Petah Coyne. Judith Goldman interviews Marjorie Welish, Lauren Shufran interviews Jean Boully, Leslie Scalapino interviews Mei-mei Berssenbrugge. Also included are E. Tracy Grinnell's homophonic translations of Claude Cahun's "Helene la rebelle" and poems by Fanny Howe, Thom Donovan, and others.