Saturday, October 11, 2008


--for Robert

All these tears we wept
for real estate fakes
out the real we keep

our eyes on the inside
our upheavals to our
selves that's all

community was some
thing to do with a pile
of bricks and the shaping

of space something
like a marriage goes on
without members to

tell us we are all one
thank God there is
a park today with folk

in it picnicking and
playing basketball
thank goodness for

gratitude sometimes
a wall is only a wall
sometimes these doors

swing open more than
one way all we wanted
was to be inside that

building without being
inside it sometimes
we wanted to use it

without using it to
come back from the
dead without returning

buildings sometimes
move too fast for
our bodies to realize

this is all a preparation
for death so any one
will live dying into

a new purpose for
purpose or meaning
the way you interrupt

me with your body
challenges what I think
a body should do

so we are a discourse
about use didn't even
think a body could

be fucked *there* or
do *that* that is what
he means when

Nietzsche says
the strong must
be protected from

the weak each
body is a central fact
tracing the shape

of the law learning
to crawl since malice
must be demonstrated.