Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sight Lines (II)

~ after Straub/Huillet

This is NOT a test but a demonstration
Of *this* their hands point to speech
To not think the letters *they* might be
"X" is a weapon of "undeath"
Sight lines non-sense the verb
Saying these words without a plan does your
Sight line disturb this one line which
Cuts the mortal vision in-half

Like fate moved to no aftermath
Or *as* feeling actors don't speak
For a reason what gods must do
Their dialogues of war & *gigantomachia*
Of sky & earth pan gently your camera
An exception to exceptional states
In a small village somewhere of green
We *are* such problems how to descend
In a desert when the signs aren't given
Point to what cancels what must
Therefore be cancelling like a brighter light
To strobe such is the wind to this

Slight interruption death we are
Actually talking about that death
Of the mind itself in any event
Of percept & horizon's "tick-tock"
Measures our speech but can not know
Itself in number "tick-tock" like a command
To break that desperate night of planes
To dream our suicide yet live to see.

Sight Lines

~ to Jakob Holder after Richard Foreman's *WAKE UP MR. SLEEPY! YOUR UNCONSCIOUS MIND IS DEAD!*

*The unbound longs for death,
The Heavenly, and God's faithfulness, go to sleep,
Reason is lacking.*
~ from Friedrich Holderlin's "Greece" (Second Version), translated by Michael Hamburger

There are sight lines enough
To lead the mind elsewhere
The actors if here
A war are we

Demonstrated by pointing
In unconscious states go *there*
All "X"-ed out & brightly lit
A strobe for the wind

Rushing *in medias res*
Blinding us with the mere
Thought of thinking nearness
I was no longer I

When eyes could see these variations
On nations bomb the hell
Out of "me" the unconscious *is* this pilot
Just as suddenly as eyes were elsewhere

Grieved hidden deserts
Whereof all that was lost should not
Be found wherefore the found
Should remain nearly as silent.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thanks To the Scanning Bed (part II)

thanks Kyle S. for this postcard image of Jack Pierson's Bastards (2000)

check out my friend Terry Cuddy's video, *The Harriet Complex*, now available on DVD

a postcard image from one of my favorite local dress shops...

re: Belief

Piombino's Undeath

"When the need comes too frequently to resurrect, we begin to suspect that the subject is dead already and we are repeating the story to sustain a picture of the originating source of energy. So that even the worlds that accompany the picture, that help to form it, contain great force."
~ from Nick Piombino's *Fait Accompli* (p. 83)

Is John Fell Ryan...


The below is from his "Trope Report," published in *The Night Jar Review*... which includes work by Diane Cluck, Angus MacLise, Lionel Ziprin & others. Cover art by Bruce Conner!

Semina(l) Culture (Damn the Caesars)*

Richard Owens may have the best aesethtic sense among poetry magazine editors since Wallace Berman's *Semina*.

Check out the latest issue of *Damn the Caesars* (vol II) including work by Michael Basinski, Pierre Joris, Peter O'Leary, Kit Robinson, Kyle Schlesinger & Andrea Strudensky:

*above image front cover of Damn the Caesars vol II.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Wolf That Knows Enough to Keep Its Distance/Letters for the Letters of Clyfford Still

Below are scanned excerpts from what David Levi Strauss & Kyle Schlesinger read at the most recent Peace On A event. Click for larger views...

David Levi Strauss:

Kyle Schlesinger: