Saturday, July 02, 2011

Rights of Participation (III)

--after Ryan Trecartin

What path to hell are you seeking
Participation paves it with credit
Object-relations keep saying it
What you are not prepared for and

Dying for this preparation start
Breaking shit that is all we have
Dead labor’s the thing you
Keep spraying all these ghosts

Of Warhol’s 15 minutes the gender
Of Jack Smith’s creatures when
We are not dead labor sings
A blue screen to a jump cut sings

A thousand windows open while
A million others shut
To be the cell phone singularity
To be the corporate second

While the world elapses
While it does not matter this gender
That is no one because it is
Everyone anywhere does us all in

Transcends the body at work
Equals the soul imbibing
Energy drinks, spilling fake blood on
Your friends in this three-way.

This is what they drink in hell
Energy drinks and Listerine
The world shrinks to surplus
Occluded by what we see
In cell phone time in lip synch time
In matted time the teeth
Blacked-out emphasize the poverty
Of zombies, seasons in hell move me
Catastrophes of techniques
Hell of a do-over acting when no
One is listening in this chatroom
A thousand angels and a thousand devils
On the head of a pin number
Like cell phones evoke their reason to exist
When money and affect are one
Long done with the message
Voices that leave messages.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Con/Crescent reading with Joseph Bradshaw and Dana Ward

On July 9th at 7PM, I look forward to reading with Joseph Bradshaw and Dana Ward as part of Jamie Townsend's and Nicholas DeBoer's Con/Crescent Reading Series. The location is Fergie's Pub at 1214 Samsom Street in Philadelphia.