Thursday, September 05, 2013

ON Contemporary Practice PDF Archive Series

ON Contemporary Practice, the journal I co-edit with Michael Cross, will be launching its new Monograph Series this fall, following the release of Robert Kocik's Supple Science.

We will also be resuming the efforts of the print journal, with the inauguration of ON's PDF Archive Series, which will also feature discursive critical writings about one's contemporaries.

If you are interested in submitting to the PDF Archive Series, please see below our guidelines for submission.

In the next few weeks we will also be announcing our new website, with pre-order information for Supple Science: a Robert Kocik Primer. Stay tuned!


ON Contemporary Practice PDF Archive Series will continue to publish discursive, critical writings regarding one’s contemporaries. PDFs will be published henceforth on a semi-monthly basis and featured at ON’s website. With regards to submissions, ON’s editors seek work that:
—addresses the work (poetics, aesthetics, ethics) of one or more of your contemporaries;
—is involved in current conversations and discourse about poetry, art, performance, and other modes of cultural production;
—is critical and discursive, but which does not fall into the genre of ‘review’ or ‘academic article’ per se;
—is ‘essayistic’;
—is personal, generative, and passionate;
—is rooted in the reading of one’s contemporaries, peers, friends, and community;
—is not afraid to address a larger sociopolitical field or engage other disciplines;
—is leveling with regards to a wider field of cultural production (the old ‘high/low’ issue);
—is devoted to work that has been poorly attended or misunderstood.
Please submit your PDFs to with the subject heading “PDF Archive Series submission” and a brief cover letter. We will reply to your emails as soon as we can and look forward to corresponding with you about your submission. For further ideas regarding submissions please check-out volumes 1 and 2 of the ON Contemporary Practice print journal, available at Small Press Distribution.