Thursday, January 26, 2017

EP 83 RADIO 11.8.16

In the wake of an election that solidified our country’s many disconnects, we invited our authors to share their responses to the hatred triggered by Trump.
The intention of this project is two-part: (1) to create a time capsule for our gut reactions to this political season, a collection we can return to when we feel complacency or forgetfulness settling; (2) to make use of the unique capacities and freedoms of the essay to explore the dichotomies of bipartisanship, and to integrate personal responses with societal facts.
with Susanne Paola Antonetta, Diana Arterian, Dan Beachy-Quick, Steve BensonLaynie BrowneJulie CarrNicole CooleyMatthew CoopermanJennifer Kwon DobbsThom DonovanLeora FridmanAnna Gurton-Wachter, Joseph Harrington, H.L. Hix, Aby Kaupang CoopermanJH PhrydasBt ShawJessica Smith, Sasha Steensen, Sophia TerazawaTony Trigilio, and Nicole Walker