Thursday, August 02, 2007

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Support Crayon! The Crayon coffer is near empty. There is too little money to cover the expense of printing what will be a 350+ page issue. Yeah, it’s gonna be BIG! Crayon 5 elucidates the diffi culties of refl ecting on beauty and the limits of presenting in language beauty and ugliness. Its dialogue of twenty-fi ve essays is accompanied by sixteen brilliantly complementary and contradictory book reviews, creating an intensively complex provocation and irreducible call for continuing discussion on what the art of poetry and of community will be. Crayon has succeeded due solely to the generosity and interest of its readers. We believe that the widest distribution of the 5th issue will occur if all participants, including authors, readers, and their institutions, fi nancially support the journal. Crayon 5 is scheduled for publication September 2007 – it will knock your socks off!

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Essays on Beauty:

Another Reading
Beverly Dahlen

Some Limits of Ratio;
or, Aesthetic Has No Goal
Kristen Gallagher

Cardinal Numbers, Ordinal Beauties
by Joe Amato

porous, nomadic (or, para encontrar o
acontecimento impalávrel:)
Chris Daniels

C. Vicuna

Nicole Brossard

from Music For Porn
Rob Halpern

Using Blue To Get Black
Julie Patton

Prosodic Body
Robert Kocik

Ants on a String
Sawako Nakayasu

What Logic in a State of Insanity;
Or, Essay on the Dislogics of Beauty
Kristin Prevallet

Beauty’s Interrelation
Brenda Iijima

Beauty Note
Steve Benson

Gouging Beauty Standing
Nearer To an Action
Laynie Browne

3 Images:
* 21st Century Narrative:
Diagnostic Beauty Quilt
* 1980s Narrative:
Beauty is Perfection
* Afterlife Narrative:
Commodifi ed Love Object
Diane Ward

What Beauty after The Brothers Quay
Thom Donovan

Alan Davies

Gentle Exfoliations /
for Andrew & Roberto
Alan Davies

A Cuff
Lisa Robertson

The Container for the Thing Contained
Michal Lando

With the Oldest Cherubim of Knowledge
Peter O’Leary

Some starts
Peter Inman

In the Planned Community,
& Stopping off at the Wetlands
Jonathan Skinner

Terrifying Angels: Aesthetics,
Digital Writing and Use
Andrew Klobucar

Alan Prohm ‘07 translating Asger Jorn 1956
excerpting from Henry Van de Velde 1941

A Reading: “...the Beautiful”
Beverly Dahlen

12 Poems
Linh Dinh

subliminal city
Belle Gironda

from Bicycle
Roberto Harrison

from Scratch Space
Andrew Levy

3 Poems
Corey Mead

5 Poems
David Pavelich

Ghastly Dew and Itasca (with glosses)
John Shoptaw

Those not worthy are scattered wide
Laura Sims

7 poems
Sally Van Doren

Book Reviews:
Industrial Poetics: Demo Tracks for a
Mobile Culture Joe Amato
Dan Machlin

Liar by Michael Amnasan
Robin Tremblay-McGaw

The Hermeneutics of Rupture:
Baraka’s Somebody Blew Up America
and Other Poems by Amiri Baraka
Tom Hibbard

Assertions for Steve Benson on Steve
Benson’s Open Clothes
Alan Davies

Open Clothes by Steve Benson
Brenda Iijima

“This is Abigail Child Moving”
This Is Called Moving: A Critical Poetics
of Film by Abigail Child
Kristen Gallagher

A Reading 18 – 20 by Beverly Dahlen
Stephen Vincent

Enthusiasm by Jean Day
Martine Bellen

Accidental Species by Kass Fleischer
Belle Gironda

Petroleum Hat by Drew Gardner
Kass Fleisher

The Destiny You Reverse May Be Your
Own – Making Dying Illegal by Madeline
Gins and Arakawa
Alan Prohm

Repression & Remnant:
Lola Ridge’s The Ghetto
Thom Donovan

Who Opens by Jesse Seldess
David Pavelich

Walking Theory by Stephen Vincent
Pat Reed

Hannah Weiner’s Open House
(& Interview with Patrick Durgin)
Judith Goldman

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nonsite at Wordpress : Halpern on Brady/Donovan, "Presencing the Disaster"

Rob Halpern and Jocelyn Saidenberg have provided some overview of the talk I gave this past Saturday, and the very rich discussion that followed among myself, Halpern, Saidenberg, Bruce Boone, Beverly Dahlen, Taylor Brady, Tanya Hollis, Brandon Brown, Lee Azus, Miranda Mellis, Brian Whitener, and Stephen Vincent:

You may also find at the blog Halpern's extremely generous and thorough introduction for my reading with Taylor Brady this past Wednesday at Cameraworks Gallery in San Francisco: