Wednesday, July 03, 2013

RIP Lucy Labchow Lasky, 1996-June 30th, 2013

"I like that nothing. Under a streetlamp in Cape Cod, on a small ledge of grass. On the beach in the day and I hate her shitting in the dark as much as I used to love smoking. Loved seeing it weave. It's not the shit, it's the air. It's the colon. It's the opening. We're basking in language itself. The silence of my friend. My love. The one beyond words in her silence. She is always eternally before. When she speaks it is shit, a gift, something to do. In our moment, of waiting, pointing, silent gear, what we went out for--*that* is pointing. Shit is the award. The award is shit."--Eileen Myles, from Inferno (a Poet's Novel)