Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Valentine After Madeline Gins

Where is the wind wandering
Is it weeping where
Swallows be I also swoon
For sweet seconds
For secondness itself
Wondering what have you took
What surfeit of waves of sound
What whitening song crest
What slowed breathing
Was sound to a mole
Weak switchboards of who we were
How we sweated extension
And were sometimes the sweeter for
The between of things
That quip and persuade
Shimmying my windows
Wilding a soul’s haloed elopements
Seeing to it that I get swept up
Sluiced by swell weave
By unseen shibboleths swift map weather
Until every world be ceased
Until we be watery wastes
Wrecked on salvages by no one’s will
Only the swish of a logo
Silencing my kisses.