Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Two Poems

Someone wanted to dig a hole as deep as the Towers were tall

There were sunsets and spots in the flames no one would have believed
There were shadows like the sky doesn’t usually make them
Upwards they seemed to be falling in the play-back of all things the bodies
No one could tell what real time was or if it were a simpler distance than this
Only place was important, “always and only place,” in that motion
The auto-industries, who were largely to blame, didn’t flinch if not for oil
Democracy kept flowing and flowing channeled by our distance from history
Undulated on those tubes where its hero voice kept hailing me
Even those who should have been that event’s truth got sutured.


Anti Gone

The disgrace
My sister
heard nothing

Not a word
Not since
We lost

Our world
A double breath
A double
Death left

No further
Neither nor
In the air

Troubled trouble
A sad dead body
None can bury
Bereft bereft

Who know nothing
Condemn to death
I will never
Forsake him

I have no power
Nothing of you
I would not permit

Not the living
But the dead
For I will

Dishonor no one
Nothing but terror
No fear
Tell no one

No scream
Denounce me
Your love
Is impossible

To seek what
Cannot be done
Will hate
No one.