Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I am very excited to announce the publication of Occupy Poetics, a collection of writings, interviews, and statements that I produced with many others between the fall of 2011 through the winter of 2014. Thank you to Andy Fitch and the staff at Essay Press for taking on this project as part of their incredible chapbook series. I am profusely grateful to my many collaborators and interlocutors in this book, for their original participations and for allowing me to reprint their words: Brian Ang, Steve Benson, Ana Božičević, David Brazil, Brandon Brown, David Buuck, Anelise Chen, Stephen Collis, Lara Durback, Jack Frost, Dan Thomas Glass, Evan Kennedy, Ben Kinmont, Lauren Levin, Richard Owens, Jen Scappettone, Suzanne Stein, Anna Vitale, Jeanine Webb, Kathy Westwater, and Brian Whitener. Occupy everything!

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