Monday, September 09, 2013

Machine Writing Questionnaire

1. To what extent do you consider your writing/aesthetic practice a collaboration with machines? Describe in detail.

2. Do you feel that your writing could be reduced (more or less) to a procedure or algorithm? Would a computing process (algorithm, program, or app) be able to successfully reproduce what you make/do?

3. What meaning do you assign to the term “cyborg”? Do you consider yourself to be one? RE: Donna Haraway, does the cyborg still offer a set of liberatory potential or has the emancipatory value of her 20+ year-old figure passed?

4. In what ways are you conditioned by machines and in what (if any) ways do you defy technological conditions/determinacy? To what extent do you, especially via an aesthetic practice (the 'way you live,' for instance), elude or escape a socio-political administration/determination through machines?

5. To you what extent does your embodiment pose a limit to what you wish to do? To what extent does it offer a set of possibilities/potential surpassing your determination through machine cultures?

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