Thursday, January 17, 2013

After Hito Steyerl

Enjoying life again
Like there were no such thing as autonomy
Wearing these protest breasts
Hoping their naked forms will open
To some other shade of gray
Or owl of Minerva our affects embody
Outside any sense of control
So what we capture briefly is our not being captured
Dressed up like the book
Of that theory we practice
By dressing up like the book
Being beaten and kettled as such
Some form of night the cops can't touch
I am thinking about taking a break
From life
But life doesn't let you take a break
I think I am enjoying life
Then autonomy interrupts
My sense of identification
With the things I have enjoyed


Marissa Perel said...

Excellent! My friends and I made up a fictional dialogue after viewing the Adorno video/ installation - your poem got it. Totally feeling it.

Thom Donovan said...

That Black Bloc Adorno dude made my day