Friday, June 29, 2012

Bruised Music (II)

Music has the unique
Value to be objectless
And sparkling as bling

Splay it that this is
The sound of value
Talking who hears it

Like music in an age
Of control who controls it
Like sampling was not a map

Divested of some soundless
Territory I am playing it
Or rather how it plays me

Until I am an ether called
Control to the sampling
Rate of Reagan I wrote this

Anthem now it is codified so
Even country looks liberal 
All fucked-up and deriving sense

From this no other set of sounds
Modeling no one’s death
Least of all some Caesar

Testifying to this seizure
Called control deprived of every-
thing except wild consent

I realized this voice was wrong
What the music did
Intuitive like all sovereigns

All the wrong notes turn right
The police they make music too
Inside sampled ears.

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