Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vancouver Poem

The mountains around the city
Sounds they make blue
On the retina in the ear
Resound a commons what will have been
The time of year not weather
Not the names of these
Places no longer there
The people we took never given back
To a useless and unused air

There are plenitudes in what we do not
Possess, in which sound dispossesses
Our future property took like the real
Announcing exactly where we are
In relation to who or what externalities
Banalities like belief

So hack spirit, come hack this
Spirit enclosure up, talk to the man
Like he won't come back from empire
Like power can't do anything about this

So hack spirit, hack me up
Take my name or don't take it
Multiplicity see if I care
Division matters because we are born
That strived-for-never-in-fact-
In our swagger in fact matters.

1 comment:

Peter Greene said...

"Sounds they make blue
On the retina in the ear"

-good one. exactly right for some memories I have of Vancouver clear cold days near the water. You put the distance into the light with that line.