Sunday, January 17, 2010

Outside the copulas (Usufruct)

-after Fred Moten

Of which they are legion
And the mind telling them
And the face which is blank

With disaster
Of which the horn tells us
The way it fit within the rhyme

Scheme that is not dreaming
Of dollars and discovery
Read plundering
And the mind saying
And the mind arrested is verse

Versus them "orer" any
Notion of 'us'
Wouldn't tell the b side
The b flat to be
Outside the copulas of others' suffering

How to sing this
Without submergence
Lyric wants to say

Like a bubble brimming
In the shipwreck of our axioms
Propose this going down
With the
Ship crushing

Of which 'one' is common
We are a wreck in common
The dead one holds in common
Live dead sounds of the dead

Commonly they discourse
Through horn through the rap
Possessing what they do not grasp
Proper names what won't
Return as property.

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