Thursday, May 17, 2007


MAY 26th at 8:30 PM

Poet Film Maker Abigail Child
The Future is Behind You creates a fictional story composed from an
anonymous family archive from 1930’s Europe, reconstructed to emphasize
gender acculturation in two sisters who play, race, fight, kiss and
grow up together under a shadow of oncoming history. At once biography
and fiction, history and psychology, THE FUTURE IS BEHIND YOU excavates
gestures to explore the speculative seduction of narrative; it seeks a
bridge between private and public histories.

Dance artist Melanie Maar
-Leo recuerda Duende-
is provoking the past in the present body
is conducting a family history of dance and
movement disorder through space
is happening in a circle of people
is about letting it appear first, recognizing then
is a dance.

Dancer/choreographer Yves Musard will present bits of movement from his
recent project in La Passerelle, Scene nationale of St Brieuc in
Brittany and will share the dimensions of his project as he experienced
it there.

Dancer/choreographers Daria Fain with Melanie Maar, Peter Sciscioli and
Laurence Schroeder in a Prosodic Body experimentation.
The Prosodic Body is an ongoing collaboration between choreographer
Daria Fain and architect/poet Robert Kocik based on their exploration
of language as a somatic (practice (the manifestation of language in
the body). In the restrictive definition of the word, ‘prosody’ is the
science of poetry and the study of speech intonation. Extending this
definition of prosody, Fain and Kocik opened an experiential field
called the prosodic body.

LOCATION 241 Bedford Ave. #7 -- Brooklyn, NY 11211
L train to bedford Ave. BTWN North 3rd and 4th - 1st floor
Donation $5
TEL: 718-450-1356

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