Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fake Talking Real Talking (Listening to Steve Benson)*

Repudiation of the morning. The innuendo of slight grand. Why I might be tall and. I think about things with. The eyes holding a book to. Not break them to generate. Our ability to be written in. Advance ankle movement. Positing a challenge between. The body acting it out I. Am thinking aloud anywhere. The body on the page. How are you I'm tortured. The revelry of doldrums as. A species on the whole. I can't see each other. To think speaking the. Northern coast of Maine. Not to the body we don't. Use those words to think. A prosthesis to your nervous. System such writing is. An extension or as I imagine. It surfaces a prosodic membrane. More on that later. I couldn't quite hear if. We didn't have a body we. Would not have to exist. Out of balance relaxing it. Let's it's a nervous lace. That's how I think with. Other people's experiences yet. Porous there is an exchange. Of the body becoming what. It isn't of looking going in. Parts that are coordinated. Into which things come reading. Matter always in some slow. Motion everywhere at different. Times in projections skin. Boundaries up there in motion. Again and again and again. Preoccupied we are thinking. Make it successful sensory. Danger semblance there used. To be an idea of the then. Collapsing limited now. The body everywhere the. Body is exhausted it doesn't. Know to focus on poetry. In question the wind's intraceable.

*composed during the Segue series panel, "Language Poetry and the Body"

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