Thursday, April 06, 2006

What Tomb (Some Questions for Matt Mullican's Bulletin Boards)

What pictures.
What pictures have in common.
What pictures death.
What fingers of dying.
What describes them.
What fingers of decomposition.
What poses made of light.
What is a pose and what is a picture.
What is the difference.
What has only transcendence.
What has no transcendence.
What is the lightness of dying.
What is a picture of death.
What is a picture of a corpse.
What is a picture.
What is only a picture.
What closes the eyes.
What eyes close.
What shudders.
What shudders when eyes are closed.
What distrusts eyes.
What eyes distrust.
What distrusts real eyes.
What makes death.
What makes dying death.
What makes eyes.
What desires.
What eyes desire.
What desires death.
What does death desire.
What is so like a tomb.
What is frozen.
What tomb.
What seems most like time unfreezing.
What seems most like time frozen.
What seems time freezing.
What is seeing.
What is seeing like.
What is seeing like when it is not like seeing.
What is seeing when it does not see.
What is to see.
What is a preparation to see.
What is having seen like.
What preparations do we make to see.
What preparations to have seen.
What do we do when we are not seeing.
What do you call one then.
What then does one call seeing.

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