Sunday, October 04, 2009

Two Poems For Friendship

Deserve your enemies my friend
Because the world is burning
From eloquence and all the fake

Shit that is made for consequence
To hide behind supposed disparity
And pretend to be the conscience

Of the world all I really wanted
Was to have an honest conversation
All the world wants for conversation

But your flaming leaves it cold
A kind of lack for lack's sake
A flick that can't cover our larger

Insalvageables distances grow
In our breath like some possible
Community formed in what remains.

II. The Progress of Our Naïveté
-for Rachel

Or "patiency" which is not
The opposite of agency as
Rob often says but the inverse

Of willing ourselves to con-
stantly be a master over
Objects the more one knows

The more one listens to
The gaps in everything we
Do like those soldiers abroad

Firing into a daylight not
Anybody's to destroy who
Controls those docile bodies

And what will be their subject
Is not just an abomination
Of what we cannot see

But a fleeing into the holey
Spaces they have made
Despite our beautiful theories.

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