Sunday, October 04, 2009

Books & Magazines I Received this Past Year

that I have not written anything about (yet) but enjoyed reading and would highly recommend to others:

Etel Adnan's There (Post-Apollo)
George Albon's Step (Post-Apollo)
Jose Felipe Alvergue's us look up / there red dwells (Queue Books)
Animal Shelter vol. 1 (ed. Hedi El Kholti)
Alan Bernheimer's Billionesque (The Figures)
Brandon Brown's Camels (TAXT)
David Buuck's 17 Reasons Why (Mission 17 Gallery)
David Buuck's Buried Treasure Island: a Detour of the Future (BARGE)
David Buuck's The Shunt (Palm Press)
CAConrad's Advanced Elvis Course (Soft Skull)
Damn the Caesars vol. 5 (ed. Rich Owens)
Marcella Durand's AREA (Belladonna)
Marcella Durand's Traffic and Weather (Futurepoem)
Rob Fitterman's The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Edge)
Rob Fitterman's War, the Musical (Subpress)
Ted Greenwald's 3 (Cuneiform)
Ted Greenwald's In your Dreams (Blazevox)
Ted Greenwald's Two Wrongs (Cuneiform)
Rob Halpern's Weak Link (Slack Buddha)
Carla Harryman's Open Box (Belladonna)
Geof Huth's Eyechart Poems (Queue Books)
Brenda Iijima's Rabbit Lesson (Fewer & Further Press)
Lisa Jarnot's Night Scenes (Flood)
Paul Foster Johnson's Refrains | Unworkings (Apostrophe Books)
Judith Goldman's The Dispossessions (Atticus / Finch)
Erica Kaufman's Censory Impulse (Heretical Texts)
David Larsen's Names of the Lion (Atticus / Finch)
Sara Larsen's Novus (Earthworm Press)
Joel Lewis's Learning From New Jersey (Talisman)
MIMEO MIMEO vol.'s 1/2 (Cuneiform Press)
Miranda Mellis's Materialisms (Portable Press)
Geoffrey Olsen's End Notebook (Petrichord Books)
Rich Owens' Delaware Memoranda (Blazevox)
P-Queue vol. 6 (ed. Andrew Rippeon)
Prismatic Publics: Innovative Canadian Women's Poetry and Poetics (ed. Kate Eichhorn and Heather Milne, Coach House)
Frances Richard's Shaved Code (Portable Press)
Andrew Rippeon's Priest (Vigilance Society)
Satellite Telephone vol. 1 (ed. Robert Dewhurst)
Jennifer Scappettone's Err-Residence (Bronze Skull)
Joshua Schuster's Theater of Public Safety (Handwritten Press)
Dale Smith's Susquehanna (Punch Press)
Joanathan Skinner's With Naked Foot (Little Scratch Pad Editions)
Sasha Steensen's The Method (Fence)
Rodrigo Toscano's Collapsible Poetics Theater (Fence)
Rachel Zolf's Human Resources (Coach House)

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