Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am very pleased to annouce the publication of my chapbook, Our Insalvageable, by the ever-mysterious Vigilance Society.

I am also heartened by Brenda Iijima's generous and concise feedback about the book, which I publish here with Brenda's permission:

"Epic, overwhelming terms are unmade by your delicate uncoiling into a social relation more personal, more local, more immediate than suspended, categorical formalisms. Your poems conjure what is on to and unto: to, until, by. The critiques that are felt here are somewhat obscured or belated by desires that reach out into participatory space seeking rather than proclaiming or stating. The statement being made is that these vital connections are conduits for activism to happen-or these relations are in themselves the activism. The fatalism of the singular despairing individual is rescued by these intimate social connections."

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David (Michael) Wolach said...

Couldn't put it better than Brenda here. So intimate. I suppose I'd only add, then, that the book itself is gorgeous, delicate, tenuous as I carry it around, like the connections that you form, and that inform, that form you in this moment.