Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rodrigo Toscano's write up of "Futurism and the New Manifesto"

Rodrigo Toscano has a useful write-up of the recent "Futurism and the New Manifesto" event at MOMA. Especially interesting is this statement from Luca Buvoli, and Buvoli's use of persons with "speech-difficultues" (aphasia, and other motor-coordination disabilities that affect speech) in his video animation of Marinetti's Futurist Manifesto:

“The centrepiece is the video animation Excerpts from: Velocity Zero, in which sections of the Futurist manifesto are read out loud by people with speech difficulties. The halting, difficult speech of the readers is contrasted with the values of speed and efficiency espoused by the Futurists. As the artist explains, “Marinetti’s original celebration of velocity and aggression from his Futurist text is neutralised by its readers’ speech disorders and my subsequent hand-drawn animation of the footage, which at times delays and overlaps images in mimicry of the Futurists’ representation of motion. The result is a sense of fragmentation and incompletion that parallels the struggle of the readers to capture the original text. The purpose of having the manifesto read by people with speech disorders was to utilise the difficulty of communication and the slowing of language in order to symbolically critique the rhetoric of velocity, aggression and violence in our society.”

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