Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sight Lines

~ to Jakob Holder after Richard Foreman's *WAKE UP MR. SLEEPY! YOUR UNCONSCIOUS MIND IS DEAD!*

*The unbound longs for death,
The Heavenly, and God's faithfulness, go to sleep,
Reason is lacking.*
~ from Friedrich Holderlin's "Greece" (Second Version), translated by Michael Hamburger

There are sight lines enough
To lead the mind elsewhere
The actors if here
A war are we

Demonstrated by pointing
In unconscious states go *there*
All "X"-ed out & brightly lit
A strobe for the wind

Rushing *in medias res*
Blinding us with the mere
Thought of thinking nearness
I was no longer I

When eyes could see these variations
On nations bomb the hell
Out of "me" the unconscious *is* this pilot
Just as suddenly as eyes were elsewhere

Grieved hidden deserts
Whereof all that was lost should not
Be found wherefore the found
Should remain nearly as silent.

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