Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sight Lines (II)

~ after Straub/Huillet

This is NOT a test but a demonstration
Of *this* their hands point to speech
To not think the letters *they* might be
"X" is a weapon of "undeath"
Sight lines non-sense the verb
Saying these words without a plan does your
Sight line disturb this one line which
Cuts the mortal vision in-half

Like fate moved to no aftermath
Or *as* feeling actors don't speak
For a reason what gods must do
Their dialogues of war & *gigantomachia*
Of sky & earth pan gently your camera
An exception to exceptional states
In a small village somewhere of green
We *are* such problems how to descend
In a desert when the signs aren't given
Point to what cancels what must
Therefore be cancelling like a brighter light
To strobe such is the wind to this

Slight interruption death we are
Actually talking about that death
Of the mind itself in any event
Of percept & horizon's "tick-tock"
Measures our speech but can not know
Itself in number "tick-tock" like a command
To break that desperate night of planes
To dream our suicide yet live to see.

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