Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"to not to have left"

*Look in your own ear and read.*
--Louis Zukofsky

An island
Has a public quality.
--George Oppen

Why is you at my house?
--Gregg Biglieri

To not to have left
Is to interrupt
Becoming for whose sake
The primitive transgression
The genital speech
Sand castles in
The misc en scene

The missing scenes
Contraptions watch
Virtual spots
Tunneling to not
To have been heaven yet
A theme develops
Across these pictures
The way a scolded
Daughter becomes an

An allergy of borders
Patrol the primitive marks
Make of subject
Identities for centuries
Ingressive pitch
Like a child's
Eyes to have opened
History history then
Grows sleepy
Your ears for others
Look into your own

Other drowning men
In other words survivors
Interrupted to be a singular
Footprint is to shudder
It is not only to see out
To those other islands
But to contact
Their inhabitants a kind of contact
Lens the shattered
Alighting in our wildness
Monadic as a window cracked

A theme develops
Across these waves wrecks
Disasters of we
Ventures of you
With an I for borders
To convey another route
Out of the cave others
Dig a hole inside the self
Travel to be at home
In a parole of eyes
Speech of servitude
Holier hostage

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